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The Busy Gym Workout

Posted Oct 20 2010 5:03am

There is nothing worse than trying to get in a good workout when the gym is jam-packed!

Well I created for you the Busy Gym Workout that works every muscle in your body and only requires a bench and ONE set of dumbbells…

For days when your local gym is packed liked sardines and probably don’t smell much better, head over to an empty corner of the gym with a flat bench and a set of dumbbells and crank up your ipod to blast out the Busy Gym Workout.

*Warmup with 10 reps of bodyweight squats, pushups and lunges.

Pick one set of dumbbells that you can perform at least 3 sets of 8-10 reps for all exercises.

A Db bench squat to shoulder press, rest 60 secs (hold dumbbells at shoulder height and squat back on bench until your butt touches then stand up and press dumbbells overhead),
B1 One Arm Bent Over DB row, no rest go directly to
B2 One Arm Flat DB Chest press, rest 60 secs
C1 Seated DB Bicep curls,
C2 Lying DB Tricep Ext, rest 60 secs
D1 Cross Body Mountain Climbers,
no rest go directly to
D2 Ab Plank From Floor, rest 60 secs

By using supersets and exercises that keep you in the same space you get an intense workout without the wait!

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