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The Brew Review: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:09pm

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Ahhh, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Now this is one I really like. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a full flavored ale with no additives and tastes great. Any pale ale is going to have a slightly bitter tastes, but Sierra Nevada doesn’t have that dryness to it that some pale ales have.

The fine layer of yeast in each bottle produces a natural carbonation that doesn’t bring a huge head but still has a nice full flavor without that filling feeling you get from most beers. There is nothing I hate more than drinking a beer that leaves you feeling bloated after the first bottle.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale label An alcohol content of 5.6% as most Ice beers tout, without that overpowering alcohol taste. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a pleasant ale to drink for a few bottles without overdoing it. A great beer to compliment a good hand-made cheeseburger on kaiser roll or juicy, medium rare steak. If you like a well brewed ale with a bold flavor and quality at a reasonable price, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is definitely one worth buying. One of my “every now and then” favorites.

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