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The Best And Worst Places To Find A Job

Posted Aug 19 2009 5:28pm


If you’re young and unemployed, head to Washington, D.C. That’s the takeaway of a new index published by job search engine Indeed. The nation’s capitol topped the list of the Job Market Competition index, with 6 job postings for every one unemployed person.

Jacksonville, Florida was the only other city on the list to have more job postings than job seekers. Baltimore came in third with an even ratio of postings to seekers.

With President Obama’s big stimulus package that’s increasing the size of government, it’s not surprising that Washington made it to the top of the heap. Former tech powerhouses like San Francisco and Seattle now have three unemployed people for every job listing – not a favorable ratio if you’re pounding the pavement looking for work.

Here’s the list of the top 10 cities to look for a job along with their corresponding ratio of job postings to unemployed:

1. Washington, DC (6:1)
2. Jacksonville, FL (3:1)
3. Baltimore, MD (1:1)
4. Salt Lake City, UT (1:2)
5. New York, NY (1:2)
6. San Jose, CA (1:2)
7. Hartford, CT (1:2)
8. Oklahoma City, OK (1:3)
9. Austin, TX (1:3)
10. Boston, MA (1:3)

So who’s at the bottom of the list? Not surprisingly, Detroit. With a cratering local economy made worse by the Big 3 carmakers downsizing, Detroit has a whopping 18 unemployed people for every job posting. Good luck finding a job in the motor city.

Here’s the ten worst cities to find a job:

41. Buffalo, NY (1:6)
42. Orlando, FL (1:6)
43. Sacramento, CA (1:6)
44. Rochester, NY (1:6)
45. Chicago, IL (1:7)
46. Portland, OR (1:7)
47. Los Angeles, CA (1:8)
48. Riverside, CA (1:9)
49. Miami, FL (1:10)
50. Detroit, MI (1:18)

photo credit: laura padgett

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