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The Astrological Sign and Mood – A short note

Posted Dec 16 2010 8:14am

It was only recently that archaeologists found a Jewish temple that had the twelve astrological signs on the floor of the synagogue in an area that has been cordoned off for excavation for a long time in Israel now. And as disturbing as this might sound to Christians around the world, facts are facts!

And this one is pretty undeniable with the evidence that has been found off late!

Astrology: A hoax or an esoteric study with a rich cultural history?

For centuries now, people think that astrology is a religion but nothing can be further from the truth. However, for most folks who are more than interested in just reading the horoscopes in the newspaper every morning, we know that reading the stars is anything but a joke. And if you don't believe me, ask the Three Wise men who quite literally followed a star (while interpreting the fact that it would lead them to where Jesus lay)!

Carl Jung, in his study of astrology and other occult studies, understood that if this fell into the hands of those who did not how to use it well, this would result in disaster for a study that has its origins in almost every great culture of the past.

So, what are these 12 signs and what is all this jazz about the moods that are often related to each sign? And what is an astrology chart all about?

The Astrological Sign and Mood

Almost everyone at some point of time in their lives comes across astrology and the ever-popular sun sign, but the truth is that this study doesn't just end there. And you'll understand it when you draw up an astrological chart, and once it's done… you'll begin to see how cyclic life truly is (and rather predictable to a certain degree), if you only take the time!

But for now, we'll stick to the signs and the moods associated with them, and the best way to understand this is to understand the Earth, Water, Fire and Air break up of these signs.

Earth – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Air – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Water – Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The reason for this breakup has a lot to do with how one expresses their emotions, and unbeknown to most Western folk, your astrology chart contains an important element known as the moon sign, which explains how one responds to situation that can evoke destructive or constructive emotions.

Vedic astrology emphasizes that the moon sign is far more important since it is an indicator of our emotions, and the truth is that most of our choices (not decisions) in life are determined by our emotions.

So, if you have a fire sign for your moon sign, then you can be sure that your moods will be most likely fiery ranging from anger to rage with a greater degree of impatience and impulsiveness as opposed to any other group of signs.

When one has both an air or an earth sign for their moon sign, these folks are not necessarily the 'emotional' types but intend to either ignore their feeling for the sake of practicality or just intellectualize them.

But when it comes to the water signs as your moon, being emotional is pretty much a part of your daily routine.

And the words that you use in response/ reaction to a particular situation will pretty much give your moon sign away if one is able to look 'beneath the surface'.

In Closing

And whether or not religion seeks to undermine astrology, the truth is that there's much more beneath the surface, and it bodes well that one understands this study for themselves before making a careless (and know-it-all) judgment!

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