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Tetanus Symptoms and Side Effects

Posted Apr 12 2011 8:01am

I've always loved antiques. In every form, really. Whether it is finding stuff that has been locked away in my cobweb-ridden drawers (OK, I'm exaggerating!) or even when it comes to anything 'rustic'.

There is something magical in these items because, to me, they contain a piece of history that I will always be a part of. Yet people phase them out so hurriedly due to the fact that they've moved on with the times.

(And it's strange why people are still resistant to change, while desiring it most fervently.)

The antics of the Tea Party at this point in American politics, is suggestive of that fact, down to the point where one can feel as if they have been afflicted by tetanus which according to latest reports , are as rare as can be.

Yes, just as rare as common sense much like Frank Zappa said… but I digress! But things like this are hard to believe especially (read this article from the New York Times) from a nation that is known to be at the forefront of literally everything…

One can only imagine the response of people around the world when they see something like this… er… tongue-tied and frigid… or in terms of tetanus, lock-jawed and ridden with muscular spasms.

Gosh, where are the electric shock collars when you need 'em?

Speaking of this disease though, as rare as it might be, it's still worth looking at the tetanus symptoms and side effects just as it is worth evaluating the debacle that has come about to be the 'government shutdown' that last occurred some twenty years ago.

Tetanus Symptoms and Side Effects

This disease in question is actually one that affects the nervous system by the bacteria known as Clostridium tetani, and that can be caused by a deep or acute would that is not taken care of properly. Some of the ways by which this occurs is due to wooden splinters, rusty (read: rustic) nails and even insect bites.

And if that's not enough, this bacteria is commonly present in the soil (so you've got to watch your feet here!) and it is only by the administering of the tetanus vaccine that you can prevent this disease from knocking your lights out for good.

Tetanus bacteria multiply in the presence of a deep wound (which is not taken care of!), and this will lead muscular spasms in the jaw and other parts of the body, which is pretty descriptive of the behavior of Congress for sometime now.

And if you see the tetanus pictures, you'll understand how serious it is to contract a disease like this because with the cut of the flow of oxygen, you can say goodbye to all that you hold dear in this life.

Tetanus Treatment

While there are several ways by which tetanus treatment is carried out, the truth is that prevention is almost always better than cure, but here are a few ways by which this is done:

1) human tetanus immunoglobulin is inject intrathecally

2) tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation for 3 to 4 weeks

3) an intravenous infusion of magnesium that will prevent muscle spasms

4) continuous IV infusion of diazepam

In Closing

And while the best option for you to protect yourself from tetanus is by immunization, for heaven sake, don't take the same approach towards the stupidity of Congress that is being stubborn for all the wrong reasons.

And why should you take my word for it?

Try Asian politics for a change, and perhaps you'll understand why! It's the Tour D France of citizenship… honestly!

Please feel free to share your thoughts or feelings about tetanus, and the current state of government that have left some lock-jawed, if you will…

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