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Testicular Cancer - Do You Check?

Posted Jun 15 2009 4:42pm

Men’s Health Week starts today with a reality check on testicular cancer. Do you check yourself?

Most people think of 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong when they hear of testicular cancer. And, while the cyclist is the best known face of the disease, it is increasing in incidence, especially among younger men. It’s the most common solid tumor found in men in their late twenties and early thirties.

80509c8_armstrong_l_b_gr_01 Other well-known men who had testicular cancer:

  • Comedian Tom Green
  • Runner Steve Scott
  • Newsman Bob Losure
  • Football player Brian Piccolo
  • Football player Dan Turk
  • Football player Josh Bidwell
  • Football player Louie Aguiar
  • Baseball player John Kruk
  • Baseball player Mike Lowell
  • Golfer Todd Barranger
  • Guitarist Peter DiStefano

As you can see, it touches all walks of life.

Just as women do breast self examinations, men should do testicular self examinations. Here is some information at Lance Armstrong’s site and at this one: how to do the self examination.

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