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Testicular Cancer And Marijuana: More Reefer Madness?

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:02am


There are benefits to everything God put on this great, green earth. Everything has it’s own purpose and abuse of those things may hold some consequences. Marijuana has some medicinal purposes but let’s be honest, most use it for recreational purposes. I think most of have seen the old scare tactic film, Reefer Madness. As if you needed another reason why not to abuse Marijuana, there may be a link to testicular cancer in frequent use of it.

Research done by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and other centers in the US suggest that prolonged use of marijuana may increase your chances of developing testicular germ cell tumors or TGCT. There wasn’t a direct link to testicular cancer and marijuana but the finding seem to coincide with the growing percentage of testicular germ cell tumors cases and the growing use of Marijuana.

You can read more at Medical news daily or at Cancer Commentary.

If you use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, the healthier way to go is to use a Marijuana Vaporizer and avoid the carcinogenic effect and risks of smoking. Watch “Reffer Madness” after the fold…if you have an hour to kill and dig old propaganda films.


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