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Tennis Techniques

Posted Aug 26 2010 5:16am


If you've picked a new career, almost any work environment has its own workspace language. Recently, I started working as an instructional designer (ID) for an e-learning company, considering my prior ID experience in ILTs (instructor-led trainings), getting acclimatized to the 'jargon' took some time.

Yes, it's a field where terms like 'custom builds', 'fixes', 'chunking', 'storyboarding' and so on and so forth are commonplace and is commonly used by those for whom this is a daily part of their lives.

The same is true for other fields that involve engineering, medicine, art and theater and last but not the least, sport.

Take a look at the sport of field or ice hockey or any other sport for that matter, it has its own catchphrases and terms that will take someone who is new to the sport to familiarize themselves with its intricacies.


And how about tennis?

No different from the others as well. And my earliest recollection was that of the rivalry of Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, among other names such as Steffi Graf, Monica Seles and so on and so forth.

There are several tennis terms that one has to be familiar with in order to understand the game of tennis as to how it is played and won in sports competition. The understanding of these terms are both crucial for the players and the spectators so that they can learn tennis.

Tennis Terms

Anyone who has watched a game of tennis will know that it involves games for both males and females in the singles, doubles and mixed doubles formats. Of course, the game is played with racquets and balls specially made for tennis.

The area in which the game is played is called the court with different lines (signifying different areas) for each of the formats. And the spectators sit around the court while watching the players hit the ball back and forth.

So, the game begins with the 'serve' requiring to hit the ball over the net within a designated serving box, and the opponent has to return the ball over the net. If the opponent cannot receive the ball, then a "point" is awarded. There are a few ways to hit the ball namely the forehand, backhand, lob, smash and slice.

If the other person receives the ball, then a "rally" ensues until one person cannot return the ball, and in this case, the person who hit the ball last gets a point.

These points are in the 15-30-40-game where one player is awarded each of these scores once they win a "point". Now if both players are at 40-40 each in a game, it is called a "deuce".

Once a player wins 6 of these games with the other player winning less than five games, then the player who has won 6 games wins a set. In the women's format, the first player to win three sets wins the match while in the men's format the number of set to win a game is five.

And of course, one of the coolest ways of calling the score after a point is won especially when one hasn't scored a point yet is, for example, 40-"love".

In Closing

These are just a few tennis terms that the game uses, and so for the rest, one will have to watch a few matches to understand the game a little better.

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