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Tennis Techniques – An Overview

Posted Jan 28 2013 8:17am

Apart from picking notes on a guitar, my next best passion has been to study the game of football replete with its formations, positions as well as tips and tricks.

No, we're not talking about American football but good old soccer which is more than a pastime in Europe and South America.

Football is indeed my passion and Lionel Messi, much like Diego Maradona, from a previous era, is its undisputed emperor. And he's only in his early twenties…

It's amazing what the little man can do, quite frankly. FC Barcelona and the Argentine football team are blessed to have such a humble yet talented player amidst its ranks. Talent that has only improved with more hard work and by perfecting one's footballing technique.

Speaking of technique, every game requires you to learn the rudiments first before you can move on to adding your own unique style on the game. And the same applies to tennis techniques as well…

Tennis – An Introduction to the Game

While soccer might not be so well known to Americans in general, with the exception of MLS, the truth is that tennis, as a sport, is just appealing to almost everyone in the civilized world.

While Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe will be names that America will not forget, for their contribution to the game of tennis, the players of my generation were most definitely Michael Chang and the one and only Pete Sampras.

It's difficult enough, for the average individual, to play one set of top class tennis but there are time when these players are tested to the limits of their endurance in playing 5 sets and more at a time.

We're talking about the 'singles' version of the game, and by God, if you haven't played tennis yourself, you'd find that the level of fitness required to play this game at the top level takes year and years of dedication and hard work.

Tennis has indeed changed from the time it was invented in France or even Wimbledon, which held its first official championships in 1877.

So, if you want to play this exhausting game, learning tennis techniques would be the first thing to do before beginning to play.

Tennis Techniques & Terminology

As most of us would be aware of this, the game of tennis is played in the singles, doubles and mixed doubles versions on a court. Tennis balls and rackets are used by players, whether amateur or professional, to play either a 3 or 5 set game.

The objective of the game is to hit the ball over the net and within the boundaries of the court all the while forcing your opponent to either miss the ball or hit too softly so that it hits the net or too hard so that it pitches outside these pre-determined boundaries.

The scoring is very peculiar, and follows the 15-30-45 and game pattern, which involves your opponent hitting the ball outside the court or not being able to return your shots over the net.

The game begins with a serve, and is probably one of the most important aspects of the game for players to focus on, in this day and age.

Here is an excellent short video , which showcases the skills of the current #1 ranked player, Novak Djokovic, and which introduces the viewer on how one can play the basic shots of the game of tennis in the form of a tennis lesson.

In Closing

It's pretty clear that Djokovic knows his stuff, and it's really no different with Messi, who, without a doubt, has internalized seemingly insignificant details like the soccer field size among others – to get to where he is today.

Are there any other tennis techniques that we have missed? Feel free to share.

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