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Tanning Booth Vs. Sun – Pros & Cons

Posted Sep 10 2012 8:23am

There are some things that we just don't understand about other cultures. For example, why some Asian countries would eat snakes, frog legs and so on and so forth.

Or even why others would eat seafood raw (read as: sushi nutrition ) or probably why meat (as opposed to "rice" in certain cultures) is the main course.

Yet another bizarre practice that people obsess about is the need for a "tan" that's considered a shortcoming in other cultures, especially amongst people in the Indian subcontinent.

Most of us who dwell in these parts are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun and yet end up with a tan that is the envy of many a fair-skinned (read as: pasty) damsel abroad.

Tanning Booth vs Sun – A Note

For the folks who have no understanding of what a tanning booth is (and who doesn't, right?), it's really simple: all you have to do is visit one for a tan. Sorry, no "happy endings" there.

Of course, there is the other option which involves getting some sun, albeit with a bottle of sunscreen lotion that has an SPF value above 15.

(Sunscreen lotion – that's another thing that some cultures wouldn't get either and probably take digs at white folks for.)

Considering the popularity of the former, and the risks associated with the latter, there has been a lot of debate which compares the benefits and risks involved with either method of getting a tan – with conclusions that are divided in favor of either method.

While there are some of them that do make sense, it's always advisable that if this is, indeed, a pressing matter for you, then it's always a good idea to draw your own conclusions and assume nothing.

So, here's an effort to present the facts gleaned from various sources that should help you understand the pros and cons involved in the tanning booth vs sun debate.

Tanning Booth vs Sun – Pros & Cons

To be really fair, in deliberating over the tanning booth vs sun methods, it must be said that both of them are equally fraught with health problems.

Since tanning booths usually only emit UVA radiation (read as: harmful) and that is usually far more powerful than what the sun emits, some folks have been known to develop skin cancer and cataracts from this type of tanning .

With that being said, one does get a tan faster as they frequent the tanning booth and won't have to spend hours in the sun, which is, by any stretch of the imagination, an excellent way to socialize. If that works for you – then so be it!

It's fair to say that both methods have their risks yet what is troubling is the sole use of UVA rays at a tanning booth. (Read this article to find out more about why it's not good for people who overdo things.)

On the other hand, overexposure to the sun's rays (especially without sunscreen) is another hazard that comes with this method – yet not being as bad as tanning booths.

So ultimately, it all comes down to moderation, isn't it? And which applies to just about everything else…

In Closing

At least, what we all share in common is the "sun"… if not our tolerance levels for its warmth and light.

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