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Symptoms of Overtraining – A List

Posted Jun 07 2012 8:34am

The word 'overtraining' is usually used in a gym, and so if you've just read the title thinking: "Oh, this isn't for me!" then you're terribly mistaken as it applies to anyone who performs even light exercise.

There are certain rules when in training, even for the strongest or fittest athlete, and ever so often when they get hurt, it's usually attributed to overtraining.

However, the number of instances where this occurs is very few indeed since very few people actually train that hard without taking necessary precautions. Too few but just as important all the same.

Overtraining – A Note

If there's anything that is true of people who tend to overtain, it is that they have too little patience or none of it. Almost any professional bodybuilding athlete will tell you that it takes a long time for one to build that perfect body, and that none of these promises of a fit body in a few weeks is true.

So, what is overtraining then?

Put simply, it's when people tend to work out too hard far above their level of training.

In most cases, the reason why people overtrain is either because they're trying to get the highest level of fitness in no time or are just too competitive with their friends. This impatience can also result in the person not taking enough rest before their next workout.

Using an analogy, it's like a baby trying to run before he or she can even stand…

Considering the soreness and overexertion that are physical manifestations of overtraining, you can imagine how dumb some people must be when they, instead of taking a measured approach, choose to rush through their workouts.

Moreover, when people train despite the fact that the body hasn't rested enough, this leads to exhaustion, and if this is repeated over a period of time – you won't even be able to complete a normal workout that you would have easily done in normal circumstances.

Yet since muscle soreness occurs to everyone who works, how does one know whether the body is only responding normally of if it is overtraining?

So, here are some symptoms of overtraining that should help you identify that.

Symptoms of Overtraining – A List

Mind you, the symptoms of overtraining does not just manifest itself physically but takes it toll mentally as well. After all, there is no doubt that understand this mind-body connection is what might have got you to work out in the first place.

So, here is a list of both psychological and physical symptoms of overtraining :

Psychological Symptoms

1. Feels tired, drained, lack of energy

2. Reduced ability to concentrate

3. Apathy or no motivation

4. Irritability

5. Anxiety

6. Depression

7. Headaches

8. Insomnia

9. Inability to relax

10. Twitchy, fidgety or jittery

Physical Symptoms

1. Elevated resting pulse / heart rate

2. Minor infections crop up now and again

3. Increased susceptibility to colds and flu's

4. Increase in minor injuries

5. Chronic muscle soreness or joint pain

6. Exhaustion

7. Lethargy

8. Weight loss

9. Appetite loss

10. Insatiable thirst or dehydration

11. Intolerance to exercise

12. Decreased performance

13. Delayed recovery from exercise

In Closing

There are several expressions that suggest that it is best to move at a slow and measured pace. No matter whether you are guilty of "rushing", it's time to take your time. And for that, patience is the key…

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