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Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Posted Apr 04 2012 8:04am

What does cancer, the common cold and celiac disease all have in common?

They are diseases that begin with the letter "C". No, that wasn't what I was looking for…

But why are their developments so closely scrutinized by the media or people in general?

It's another word that begins with "C".


That's because there isn't one yet for these diseases even though researchers are doing their very best to find one for each of these diseases.

Yet the tragedy that surrounds these diseases (not forgetting AIDS) is that the people least likely to get them, always do.

It's only recently, though, that the condition of has come to the attention of people…

What is Celiac Disease?

Very simply, celiac disease is the condition when your immune system attacks the small intestine and damages the inner lining due to the presence of which cannot be digested by your system.

While it is called 'sprue', it isn't very different from the popular phrase 'gluten sensitivity' although the effects of continuing with a gluten-based diet are far more complex and damaging to your health.

Interestingly, both celiac disease and also share several symptoms due to patient's inability to digest gluten. However, there are more exceptions than rules when it comes to the symptoms as they can vary from person to person.

What is common among those who suffer from celiac disease is that it can strike at any point in life, will last for the rest of your life and will affect multiple organs of your body, if not checked in time.

To say the least, it's a condition that you cannot ignore, and the only way that you can deal with this condition is by surviving on a diet that omits gluten based foods completely.

As mentioned earlier, celiac disease stole the spotlight (for all the wrong reasons) due to being the most undiagnosed or misdiagnosed disease of all.

Very often, doctors have completely overlooked the possibility of celiac disease for other conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and even stomach ulcers.

So you can imagine how tough it might have been for patients who were struggling with this disease only a couple of decades ago.

But with this new realization obtained only recently, there are symptoms that doctors will look for, in order to diagnose for celiac disease, and as you will find, it's a long list.

Symptoms of Celiac Disease – A List

The falls under four categories:

a. Behavioral
- Irritability, particularly in children
- Depression

b. Digestive
- Abdominal Bloating
- Weakness
- Pallor
- Flatulence
- Foul-smelling stool
- Pale stool
- Abdominal Pain
- Diarrhea

c. Inadequate Nutrition
- Weight Loss
- Missed Menstrual periods
- Fatigue
- Anemia
- Failure to thrive
- Delayed growth

d. Unclassified
- Miscarriages
- Tooth discoloration and enamel loss
- Dermatitis Herpetiformis
- Mouth sores
- Skin Rash
- Tingling (in the legs from nerve damage)
- Numbness (in the legs from nerve damage)
- Ambiguous or no symptoms at all
- Muscle Cramps
- Seizures
- Joint pain
- Bone pain
- Gas

In Closing

It's unfortunate to see people struggling with celiac disease but the good news is that until they find some form of (thanks to all the positive attention off late!), the list of gluten-free foods is thankfully getting longer.

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