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symptoms of a torn elbow tendon?

Posted by Brad

My boyfriend has suffered from tendonitis in his elbow from playing hockey for a year now.....but last night he was hit by a puck and is in a lot of paine, he is wondering if is torn due to the significant paine, tenderness to touch ,it very paineful to bend the arm also he can not make a fist?
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I play hockey also and have the same problem. Here is my advice.


1.    Don't get a cortisone Shot!  Sure it will reduce the pain temporarily (so you can keep playing hockey) but it won't fix the underlying problem. I’ ve seen lots of guys, including me, get the cortisone shot and be back out on the ice the next week pain free, not giving the tendons in the elbow a chance to heal. The cortisone will wear off in a few months, the pain will return and you are right back where you started but only worse because even though you played hockey pain free for a few months you’ve probably done more damage to the tendon and did not know it because the cortisone shot masked the pain.



2.    Go to an orthopedic doctor and have an ultrasound scan of the elbow done to look at the tendon structure and determine the true cause of the pain.

     ( Ultrasound is more cost effective than an MRI)

3.    The problem could me a small tear in the tendon or the tendon could be degenerated because it was never given enough time to heal correctly after the initial injury. The tendon could also have become calisified. Icing is not going to help any of these scenarios because at this point you are way past the initial injury>inflammation stage.

  There is no quick fix when it comes to healing tendons, they don’t get a lot of blood supply (like muscles) so it takes longer for them to heal.

4.    With Ultrasound guidance get the correct diagnosis from a Doctor and then work out the correct treatment plan for your specific type of tendonosis.

5.    . Let the tendons heal themselves before you go back out on the ice.

6.    Look into prolotherapy, it helps the body heal itself.




Greg W.

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