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swollen scrotum with 3 or 4 sores leaking clear fluid and some blood

Posted by David N. Facebook

woke up thought I had got pubic lice or something scrotum was swollen and what I though was lice must have been blood around the sore my scroyum was very sensitive to the skin well I got some lice killing shampoo put it everywhere there was hair could not put directly on scrotum it burnt to bad next day thought I hadent killed all of them so I applied another dose of the lice killing shampoo each bottle was for 2 uses so I guess that was the forth after getting out of the shower I saw I broke out in a rash on my chest raised bumps that I could rub out and a rash at the folds of my thighs this rash wasnt raised but like a straight line with a bunch of dots and something that ssm spiky today sores are getting better skin is pealing off and I have little bumps maybe sores near my penis on the shaft next to the head of the penis
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