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Swollen rash on my right shin that itches and reacts like memory foam when pressed

Posted by TheDon

about 4 days ago I became ill with flu-like symptoms.  waking up the first night with terrible shivers it felt like someone had been punching me in the leg.  a spot on my shin about the size of a fist was tender to touch.  by the end of that day the rash had spread to about 1/2 of my right lower leg, about 4 inches below my knee and stopping at the sock line.  I have been treating with calomyne (sp?) lotion and cortizone 10.  it does not seem as it is spreading any further but on the 3rd day I noticed swelling in my ankle and a noticable size difference between right lower leg and left.  Pressing on the rash does cause discomfort, and allows me to press about 1/2 inch in and the skin does not bounce back for about 20 seconds.  This does not change the coloration of my skin.  The rash also has not produced any blisters of any sort.  I have not sought medical attention for two reasons.  1) I am unemployed and have no insurance.  and 2) at this point is only a nuisance and eyesore but otherwise does not affect anything throughout my day.  My flulike symptoms are now gone and I feel much better, but the swelling and the rash remain.  There are also no obvious marks to lead me to believe this was a bug bite of any sort.  Thoughts?


Thank you for your time,


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As a follow up, it appears my father and I have the same skin condition and we get a rash every year that is solved either by a shot from the doctor or taking benedril via pill form.  I have been taking benedril via pill and it seems to be doing the trick.  the swelling is gone, discoloration/inflamation is pretty much nil, only wierd thing now is that the area of the rash is now peeling as though it was a sunburn.  So I still don't know what it was but benedril did the trick.  Any thoughts?
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