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Sweets Craving Alternatives

Posted Feb 05 2011 8:17am

Perhaps the Bengali culture (the culture that Rabindranath Tagore was born into) is the only exception to the rule that women like sweets more. Trust me, there's no meal which ends without sweets, and strangely enough, this is one tradition that will never die, no matter how modern the Bengali culture finds itself.

While most sub-cultures in India are pretty fond of sweets, the proverbial "sweet tooth" is anything but a must-have if you belong to a Bengali household.

And much like the excess salt consumption situation, in eating a lot of sweets, one can develop a strange craving for sweets, and which can lead to a huge list of problems that one do without.

Is America consuming way too much sugar?

The answer to this question can be answered in just one word: Yes. A resounding one at that. Well, but there's no need to panic, as this is merely initiated by the person who has developed this compulsive need for sweets unlike the nationwide issues that has been in the news about how much too much salt is in our food.

According to studies that have been conducted recently, Americans are known to have at least twenty spoons of sugar everyday, and which is twice the amount that is required by the body on a daily basis. And we're not even factoring in the sugar-based treats that these folks can't seem to resist either!

And if someone says that perhaps this is all helpful since the body needs glucose and all that jazz, the truth is that the body can make glucose from food that you normally need, and the sugary stuff they so love, won't really change anything.

Another study says that just one teaspoon of brown or white sugar should suffice when it comes to the daily required limit for sugar consumption. and anything more is just excessive… so you can imagine what 20 spoons of sugar can do for you!

Much like tobacco and alcohol, doctors actually consider this desire to eat sweet-based foods as a habit that is harder to break that the aforementioned two. And while that's hard to understand especially for alcoholics and smokers (who are pretty set in their ways), just understanding how little negative attention this gets should tell you how ignored this desire for gorging down sweets in large amounts has become.

So what does one do, in order to at least curb this habit?

It's very similar to how people quit smoking or any other habit that isn't doing them any good. Yes, it's time to find alternatives!

Healthy Alternatives for Sweets Craving

Before getting into these alternatives, one must understand that completely eliminating sweets from your diet isn't realistic. You can, and should, live a little! But one should pose limits as this tendency to go overboard can change things quickly… leading to guilt!

Anyways, here is a quick list of options:

1. Dried fruit

2. Top-quality semisweet or bittersweet (dark) chocolate – one piece should do

3. Frozen Tofrutti bars – three at a time, if you will

4. One bran muffin with options such as  1 tablespoon of jam, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter or even 2-tablespoons of low fat cream cheese.

5. Medium-sized biscotti package along with 8 ounces of low fat chocolate or chocolate milk

In Closing

And while some folks might not want to admit that this craving for sweets is not a bad habit, the truth is if you want to stay in good health, you have to eliminate all forms of excess.

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