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Sweets Craving Alternatives – A List

Posted May 02 2012 8:20am

So, who hates sweets?

Not a single person. That's right.

However, we all have our own preferences, when it comes to sweets, no matter which background you hail from.

It's no wonder that people who love sweetened foods or sweet, for that matter, are considered to have the proverbial "sweet tooth".

Yet the consequences of eating too many sweets, as children do have, leads to dental issues – something that as both kids and adults, we can do without.

Strangely enough, this desire for sweets often increases (or as it is known as sweet cravings) and which in many ways, is similar to the increase in consumption of salts as well which is because of salt cravings.

Does America crave sugar as well as salt?

In a nutshell, the answer: yes. America's need for salt has been in the news recently, and while this has everything to do with fast food, this craving for sweets is often considered to be a normal one.

In fact, it is the first preference of babies…

Studies have shown that Americans tend to eat a large amount of sugar: actually, twenty spoons of sugar a day, when the actual limit is just one or two spoons of white or brown sugar. So you can imagine what 20 spoons can do for you, on a daily basis!

In a recent article in the TIME magazine, Americans now consume 19 % more added sugar in their diet than in the 1970s. So what should this tell you?

Yes, it's following the trend with salt consumption as well, and just like salt, it's no better for us, in terms of health. In fact, consuming more sugar increases the risk of suffering from a stroke, and with the sugary drinks at our disposal these days, this has become more than a possibility.

(Read this article for more information about the connection between heart disease and sugar.)

Yes, you can blame it on high fructose corn syrup that has found its way into almost every other food that you find at the supermarket, and which continues to add to the risk that we already face by adding sugar to our food and beverages.

So, what's the daily limit for "added sugar" then?

It's approximately about 5% of the calories consumed every day, and anything more just give one that buzz that works up the central nervous system in a bad way.

Yeah, just like an addiction to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes…

So, what's the solution then?

Limit the amount of added sugar and substitute the sugary foods that we love so much with healthier alternatives.

So, here's a list of items that one can try, for starters, if you want to eliminate consuming as much sugar as possible, while acknowledging your sweet cravings .

Sweets Craving Alternatives – A List

One thing that you must keep in mind is that eliminating sugar completely from your diet can only cause more problems than otherwise. Instead, enjoy a bit of sugar but try these healthier alternatives to ensure that you don't end up with a real buzz:

1. Dried fruit

2. Top-quality semisweet or bittersweet dark chocolate – one piece should be fine

3. Frozen Tofrutti bars – three at a time, if you will

4. One bran muffin with options such as  1 tablespoon of jam, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter or even 2-tablespoons of low fat cream cheese.

5. Medium-sized biscotti package along with 8 ounces of low fat chocolate or chocolate milk

In Closing

Just remember once more that eliminating sweetened foods completely from your diet is not the best way to go…

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