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Sweets Craving – A List of Healthier Options

Posted Sep 18 2013 8:22am

seemslegit An astonishing statistic that I recently came across is that my culture tends to eat the most sweets. It’s not surprising, though.

While Americans might celebrate a special occasion with a glass of wine and a good dinner or even a night out, Indians love to distribute sweets during this time.

And then there are the various festivals where more sweets are distributed. With a sweet meat stall on every street in our country, it’s no wonder we top the list when it comes to a growing affection for sweets.

Take a look at these snapshots , and trust me, from a guy who has eaten almost every one of those sweets, they’re as sweet as sweet can get. Just for that, it looks like we’re going to stay on top even if it’s going to be the death of us, literally.

Speaking of the proverbial “sweet tooth” or sweets craving , it must be said that Americans are not very far behind…

Are Americans Eating Too Much Sugar?

brown-sugar It’s bad enough that the amount of salt that Americans eat every day has increased substantially, this is no different with sugar as well.

On an average, they enjoy 20 spoons of sugar a day especially when the limit really is 2 spoons a day. If that’s not enough, recent research has revealed that the amount of sugar consumed in general has increased by 19% since the 70s.

And if you’re wondering whether this is doing any good, that’s hardly the case considering the link between a number of diseases or conditions and the excess consumption of sugar.

Yeah, they’re way more serious than just dental issues be it strokes or even heart disease.

So, where is all this sugar coming from?

Blame it on all the processed foods found in the supermarket loaded with high fructose corn syrup only adding to the risk of consuming sugar by adding it to food and beverages that we eat or drink everyday.

And don’t, for one moment, think that this sweets craving is a passing phase and not an addiction at all. It is just as real as a cigarette, alcohol or drug addiction. The reason for this is because while the daily recommended limit should be 5% of the total calories consumed, any more sugar tends to give you a buzz that translates into a sweets craving.

Which brings us to the situation where it’s wise to satiate that sweet tooth by opting for healthier alternatives that have been around and will continue to do so.

Sweet Craving – A List of Healthier Alternatives
Now, just because there are healthy alternatives that does not mean you should stop eating sugar completely as this will cause other problems that you can do without.

While one can switch to foods that contain less sugar, there are also direct alternatives to sugar in the form of artificial sweeteners and so on and so forth.

So, here is a list of the number of substitutes that one could try #1: Xylitol
#2: Stevia powder
#3: Coconut Sugar
#4: Date Sugar
#5: Honey
#6: Maple Syrup
#7: Fruit juice
#8: Molasses
#9: Brown Rice Syrup
#10: Barley Malt Syrup

In Closing

Are there any other substitutes that you can think of that will help one deal with sweets craving? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Also, here is an article that asks whether America is craving salt or not.

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