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swallowing a tooth

Posted by Paula

My husband has a heart murmur and a deformed valve in his heart. he swallowed part of a tooth while eating dinner, and we were wondering if there could be any complications?


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Health risks associated with a murmur depend upon the reason for the murmur.  Some are benign while others foretell bad things to come.  A deformed valve (which can cause a murmur) is rarely ever a good thing as it typically increases stress on one's heart.  Also, deformed valves are at increase risk for developing infections.  However, it's unlikely (not impossible) for a tooth to cause any (heart) issues if swallowed inadvertently.  Everything should come out fine in the end (pun intended!).  Stomach acid may erode some of the enamel.  Most if not all bacteria will not live through the acid environment.  The remainder of the tooth should just pass through although I suppose it could get stuck in a diverticula but you don't really have any control over that.  Best to always include plenty of fiber & fluids in the diet to help speed things through.  Don't forget regular physical activity, too.  Good luck!
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