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Sunburn Treatment

Posted Jun 05 2010 5:54am


Of particular interest (and abundant concern) through time and even in these days is the subject of racism where whites are given that uber-human position in society, while the other races of varying (and darker!) complexions are seemingly subjugated to menial positions.


With this topic being discussed over and over again, it has been taken to ridiculous lengths in giving it far too much importance and dragged into every topic of debate rather unnecessarily. Thus, the phrase 'playing the race card' has come into prominence.

Being brown-skinned myself, there are some things that get said can make one go 'Huh?' in a conversation lacking objectivity. It's not such a bad thing being brown or dark skinned, you know! Not anymore at least with Obama in the White House!

To a certain degree, this racism business might hold water, but we live in a world filled with prejudice based on biased cultural stereotypes that only seeks to separate us rather than bring us together. However, there is no doubt that we do have our differences and even the color of our skin comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Take for example, the time spent in the sun by both a brown and white-skinned man. And perhaps that is why the former is not so accustomed with the term 'lobster' used in the idiomatic sense…

Yes, it's called sunburn too… and that is something brown-skinned folks will never understand nor have to deal with in this lifetime or the next!


Commonly obtained from the rays of the sun, it is a burn to living tissue that results in skin turning red and remains that way due to the overexposure of UV radiation. Yes, this obsession about getting a healthy tan…

Even though it is a healthy practice with the increase of melatonin, there is a big difference between a sunburn and a suntan, one that is more about embarrassment rather than pride in getting that 'bronzed' look apart from the redness involved.

So should whites cry "Foul!" (ahem… playing that race card sound familiar) when this happens to them? Or do they go about doing something about it?

Obviously, the second option is the most sensible one except if one wants to  hurl curses at God (or any other race!) for this so-called epidermal deficiency!

Best Ways to Treat Sunburn

Apart from avoiding the sun (which is probably the best course of action… right?) one can use sunscreen lotion or restrict your time in the sun. But for those who didn't know that they were really sensitive to UV rays with the scars to show for it, there are a couple of remedies that help:

1) Aloe Vera is the best remedy made available to people who have suffered from sunburn. Period.

Centered around which, one should follow a couple of simple remedies to alleviate the pain and aid the recovery of the skin from sunburn such as:

a. Drink plenty of water as dehydration is one of the effects of sunburn.

b. Use pain relieving sprays that contain the local anesthetic, lidocaine.

c. Cool baths are not such a bad idea with its soothing effect on a body suffering from sunburn.

d. Moisturizers and cold creams are additionally helpful to helping the skin recover well from the burns. Using these creams chilled is very effective.

In Closing

When it comes to suffering from 'prejudice', sunburns can perhaps be viewed as the Sun's ways of being racist with fair-skinned folks. And until now, not one soul has been (or will be) able to play the proverbial race card yet…

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