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Sunburn Treatment – What You Need to Know

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:41am

For a while now, I've begun to envy guys who have jobs that require more brawn than brain. Meaning, like in construction and fire services – you get the drift. A real man's job, if you will…

Better still, if it's a field job where I can toil as a man, in any given age would, in the sun.

Even if it didn't bring in much, it's fine – at least, my time would be well spent as opposed to sitting in front of a computer all day long.

It doesn't matter how long I would have to stay out in the sun – since my skin won't have to worry about sunburn and so on and so forth.

As for those who are pale-skinned and have to work in the field, it's important to be wary of this ailment as it more common amongst those with this type of skin color.

A Note on the Condition of Sunburn

Most folks would are aware of the condition of sunburn will also be aware of a similar condition, known as sun poisoning . Despite the fact that the symptoms that both conditions have are the very same, the truth is that the latter occurs due to an abnormal sensitivity to the sun's rays.

Yet sunburn occurs for the reason that one spends far too much time in the sun regardless of whether you're at the beach, out fishing or working in the yard.

For the most part, and as mentioned earlier, this condition mostly pertains to whites who wish to obtain a bronzed tan but instead end up with an observable symptom that involves reddening of the skin.

Blame it on an overexposure to UV rays or an overenthusiasm to get a tan but no matter what might be the reason, it's important to follow a few conventional steps used in sunburn treatment as soon as you feel the symptoms associated with sunburn .

Sunburn Treatment – What You Need to Know

Well, if you're one of the smart ones, you would know that staying away from the sun during noon to 3 PM is probably a good idea while another solution might be to use a sun tan lotion and might avoid the need for sunburn treatment in the process.

For the rest of us who do need sunburn treatment , here are a few steps that you must keep in mind:

Step #1: There is no other way by which you can treat a sunburn in the best manner possible without Aloe Vera. It is simply the most effective form of treatment that will soothe the pain and discomfort for the most part if not all.

Step #2: After you've applied the Aloe Vera, drink plenty of water while also taking a cool bath as well.

Step #3: Another way by which you can counter the pain and discomfort from a sunburn, if you continue to experience it, is by either using pain relieving sprays that contain lidocaine or even moisturizers and cold creams as well.

In Closing

However, sunburn was one of the last things that I was worried about when I thought of finding a man's job for myself.

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