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Sun Poisoning – So much for 'lower order needs'

Posted Jun 14 2011 8:22am

For the most part of our adult lives, there are some thing that we cannot live without. Food, water, a roof over our head, sex and community. Yes, Abraham Maslow called it the "lower order needs".

There's one thing that can be added to that list as a whole. The Sun. According to scientists, life on Earth would not survive if we did not have sunlight. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the term "sunny disposition" has come into being, and is used regularly these days.

To say the least, sunlight is important, but how much exposure is enough, really?

The reason why this aspect is being brought is due to the fact that there have been more heat-related deaths over the past two decades as opposed to the casualties in natural disasters.

While sunburn is just one of those things that happen if you're in the sun for too long, sometimes this can lead to heat stroke which proves to be fatal if you aren't quick with first aid.

Among all of these conditions, sun poison ing is actually caused by hypersensitivity of the skin (caused by the immune system) and not necessarily stemming from an overexposure to sunlight.

And let's discuss it more…

Sun Poisoning & its Symptoms

From a medical standpoint, the effects of both sun poisoning (also known as photodermatitis ) and sunburn aren't very different. Yet with the latter, the reason why one gets affected by the sun is because of overexposure while the former involves an abnormal sensitivity to the sun and might have nothing to do with overexposure as it can occur by just being a few minutes in the sun.

The symptoms of sun poisoning are rash, itchiness, blisters and redness of the skin that occur in areas that have been exposed to the sun. Some of the other symptoms that are not skin-based are chills, a rapid pulse, heavy breathing, fluid loss, electrolyte imbalance, dizziness, fever, fatigue, nausea and headache among other complications.

And just as it is vital that you take care of the symptoms that affect people with sunburn , it is vital that you take care of the symptoms that stems from sun poisoning as well.

And here are a few steps by which you can treat people who have been affected by symptoms of sun poisoning.

Steps to treat people with Sun Poisoning

People who have been affected by sun poisoning show symptoms that vary from case to case yet there are some common symptoms (and methods of treatment) that affect most people with this condition:

#1: Apply aloe vera (much like sunburns to sooth the sunburned skin). Pat the skin dry but DON'T rub!

#2: Take beta-carotene supplements

#3: Use tincture to reduce inflammation as well.

#4: Drink plenty of water, and stay out of the sun between noon and 3 PM atleast.

#5: Apply ice or cold compresses to the burned area can be soothing as well,

#6: Take an aspirin along with step #5.

#7: If you are nauseated or feel like vomiting, head to the emergency room, and ensure that you consult consistently with a dermatologist thereafter.

In Closing

And with the current heat wave that is sweeping America, it bodes well that you watch out for friends and loved ones (and yourself, of course) who can get affected by sunburn, sun poisoning or even the heat stroke.

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