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Summer Activities – The Best Ways to Stay in Shape

Posted May 17 2011 8:50am

While winter is conventionally considered to be a time to stay indoors even if you are enjoying the spirit of Christmas in the most fervent manner, there is no doubt that summer is a time to get acquainted with the great outdoors.

Yes, of course, there's a time and a place for everything!

For people who like to get in shape, summer can be one of the best (and easiest) times to do so because there are so many individual and team activities that occur during this time.

Why it is easy to exercise during summer

Apart from the feel-good idea that summer is made for the outdoors (wonder what Winter Olympics athletes would have to say about this!), the best thing that elevated temperatures do for exercise is that it loosens the muscles of the body quickly.

And this means that "warming up" is much easier as opposed to the warm ups that will be required during winter if you exercise throughout the year. And if you do workout regularly, you'll know how difficult it is to get up and warm up especially if you aren't as motivated as some people can be.

And an easier warmup flows rather smoothly into an excellent workout…

But more imp0rtantly, loose muscles for a workout also means that you stand a greater chance of preventing injury as well!

But what if you aren't much of an exercise buff but enjoy being active all the same?

So here are some activities that you might enjoy during summer that count as exercise to stay in shape.

(After all, who wouldn't want to wear that bikini (for women) or take off their shirt (for men and women too) without feeling uncomfortable during this time.)

Summer Activities – A Few Ideas

Activities such as hiking, fishing, picnics and barbecues might be rampant in summer, and while you might get invited to several activities that require a bit of socializing, there are some activities that involve exerting yourself too.

So here are a few ideas on how you can stay active during the summer:

#1: Swimming

Considered to be a sport that helps you burn at least 360 calories per hour, there are other options in the form of aquaerobics, surfing, kickboarding, water skiing, shallow water walking and deep water running that are not only competitive and fun but are just right for those who aren't so geared to working out alone.

#2: Rollerblading

If you know how to rollerblade , you can lose upto 500 to 600 calories in just half an hour. Whether you go with your friends or by yourself, the view is fantastic as always…

#3: Cycling

Just half an hour of cycling can help you to lose at least 380 calories, and all you will need to do is find a safe path to ride on. You can easily burn more calories if you are cycling uphill.

#4: Walk

Much like cycling, all you need is a safe pathway to walk but what you should remember is that a "brisk pace" is what is recommended by fitness professionals if you want to stay in shape.

#5: Sport

If you are indeed 'sporty', then joining a local team which plays your favorite sport or one that you can easily play is a good idea. Competition often pushes you to do better than usual, and thus, this is one of the best ways to stay in shape during summer.

In Closing

No matter what you do in summer… don't stay indoors! You'll look and feel great too if you participate in these summer activities as well.

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