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Sucre's Macarons (not a misspelling, unless you mean h-e-a-v-e-n)

Posted Jun 09 2013 5:51pm

When the kind folks at Sucre first contacted me, I honestly thought they had misspelled "macaroon." Little did I know at the time, a " macaron " is similar to, but even more delicious than it's more well-known cousin, the "macaroon."

One look at their delectable, mouth-watering website, and I instantly took them up on their offer to review some of their tasty treats. I mean it's a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

Only a few days later, a brown box arrived with the words, "Perishable Goods," printed in big letters on the side. I knew immediately what was inside and debated cracking them open while my wife and her giant sweet tooth were taking a nap. This could be my only shot at trying them, before she claims them all for herself…

I decided getting caught with my hand in the proverbial and literal cookie jar isn't quite worth the risk, so I put the box on the counter and began scavenging for something sweet in the pantry to tide me over until she awakens.

Thirty minutes and 2 bananas later (the downside of living in a healthy food household), I hear her stirring and deliver the exciting news, knowing how quickly and easily she will be lured out of bed by the sugary treat.

We crack into the cardboard box, which is lined with styrofoam and ice packs inside, a shipping technique that Sucre uses during the summer months to preserve their precious confections.

What a great first impression with the packaging and stylized delivery. My first thought was if Apple made an edible iPhone, this is how they would package it.


After admiring the box and untying the bow and taking the painstaking seconds to take these pictures, it was finally time to taste my first macaron! Oh yeah, ladies first of course… (totally should have eaten them all and destroyed the evidence while she slept).


I could tell from the orgasmic look in her eyes, the same look and sounds the women in the shampoo commercials make, that these little cookies tasted just as good as they looked.


Naturally, she chose chocolate first, but I'm more of a strawberry man myself and went right for the strawberry creme macaron. I don't remember much after that. I've never done any drugs, but I imagine the euphoria I felt at that moment was similar to the romanticized first moment so many must feel during their first high. Only these innocent little heavenly wafers don't then lead to pain, suffering, jail and death (drugs are bad, macarons are great!).

The texture was indescribable, part cookie, part cake, and some of the softest, airiest cream I've ever felt touch the tip of my tongue.

Like I said, much of the rest of the next 10 minutes was a blur of my wife and I trying each one, sometimes taking a bigger bite than we knew we should, more than our fair share, until, like magic, the macarons had disappeared just as quickly as they had arrived.

While I can't judge the macarons against any others, I can say as an avid fan of all things sugary and sweet, you must treat yourself to these on your next cheat day and try them for yourself. My wife, an absolute chocolate connoisseur, said, and I quote, "That is the best chocolate ANYthing I've ever had!"

Check out ShopSucre for lots of different sweet treats, most of them completely gluten-free. From their initial email, to their website, packaging and products, it's very obvious they put a lot of love and care into everything they create. It shows, and our taste buds can't thank you enough for it…

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