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struggling to pee

Posted by mark

for around 18 months i have been getting the problem of being not being able to urinate without being seated and attempting to or sometimes passing a stool. When it first started it was just the urge to urinate fairly frequently and struggling slightly to go when i went this has gotten progressively worse over the past 18 months to the point whereby i am awoken in the middle of the night sometimes with a desperate urge to wee but then am unable to go unless seated and even then i pass only a tiny amount of wee. i had a flow test recently but was unable to perform and as such it was a waste of time, this was at the end of july and despite pestering my urologist i have still not heard from him. i had a cystoscopy last year and nothing untoward was found. it seems to be made worse when i had a few beers (3 or 4) whereby on a couple of occasions i have needed to urinate and then ended up pooing myself. i am really at my wits end as the doctors cant seem to tell me what is wrong whether its physical or or in the mind as i've had a pretty wretched year. the symtoms in short feel like a desperate urge to wee combined with incredible bloating.
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Have you had your prostate examined? If you have an enlarged prostate it could make it really difficult to urinate. I'm not sure how old you are, but men over 40 are urged to get checked regularly to make sure there is nothing wrong (prostate cancer). Don't worry, even if it is an enlarged prostate, it doens't mean cancer. Almost half of men over 60 have enlarged prostates and no large percentage of them actually have cancer. 


You can also have some thing called a uroflowmetry done. It will measure how much you can urinate in a given time span  to let you know how far from normal you really are, abased on your body and age. It could be used in helping diagnos you. 


Then there's the case that it could be a bladder inflammation, usually caused by a urinary tract infection. Those are cleared up pretty easily by antibiotics.


Hopefully you figure out what's wrong soon. Good luck, we hope you find relief! 

thanks for the resoponse, i'm 33 and have had my prostate checked, got a flow test booked for Friday and hopefully something will come of that. The problem is i struggle to actually go and that combined with the strangeness of the situation (peeing into a whirring disk!) makes it all the more difficult for me to perform. I had a good day yesterday in that i pee'd pretty much normally all throughout the day but today has been a bit off.


I half hope its something physcological and half hope its physiological so they can do something about it!!


here's hoping! 

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