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Stress ED - 4 Steps to Improve Both

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm

Welcome to Stress ED 101! This isn't Stress Education class, rather an introduction to the link between stress and every man's worse nightmare: duh, duh, duh… Erectile Dysfunction.

Stress ED

Stress ED

If your stress levels go up, your enjoyment of life and attitude suffer greatly, making it difficult to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Take a moment to examine your lifestyle and try taking an honest and blatant inventory of yourself.

Which of your bad habits contribute to an unhealthy life style? Once you have made a list of bad habits that put stress on your mental and physical health, you can begin to eliminate them and take advantage of an effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

4 Tips to Fight Stress and Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Procrastination: Start a task and work on it for 20 minutes; come back to it later with the intent to finish what has already been started. Trying to tackle an entire project that has not been started can create unnecessary stress.
  2. Disorganization: Cleaning up the clutter in your life will limit the amount of frustration and aggravation you experience when trying to be productive.
  3. Managing Time: Being late to a meeting or event can lead to anxiety and pressure that can easily be eliminated. Try setting your clocks a few minutes fast to insure you arrive early. Even if you realize that you set it 15 minutes ahead, you are reminding yourself of the importance of being on time.
  4. Substance Abuse: Overusing medications, alcohol and recreational drugs hinder your body’s ability to keep itself healthy and when your body is struggling to stay healthy it lets you know by incurring stress and depression. If you are having a difficult time breaking these habits, find a support group that will encourage a positive lifestyle change.

The second step of effective treatment is to alter your risk factors such as: smoking, excessive weight gain, alcohol abuse, stress, and depression to eliminate factors contributing to bodily harm. Behaviors such as smoking, diet and physical inactivity account for many health conditions, not just ED.

Reducing risky habits makes it easier for your body to take on the treatments and assure effectiveness. More tips are available from this stress-free Boston Medical Group Spokesman. He even has a Boston Medical Group Facebook page.

Educate yourself and take control of your health. Talk to your doctor and make sure your concerns are heard. Establish a realistic exercise routine and eat well balanced meals which are low in saturated fats. Living a stress-free lifestyle can and will improve effectiveness of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

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