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stomach is hard but now there is a mass protruding from about a inch below his sternom to about 2 inches above his belly button

Posted by wpbgirll44

it is 3 to 4 inchs wide at the widest part.  he just finish treatment from Hep C 3-A 3 months ago and his blood work is still clear.  his upper gi was clear too.  what could this be?

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after 2 weeks of working out eating healthy standing long hours ( i was leaning to 1 side at the  time ive noticed ) protien shakes around 1200 cals a day or more.... also 4 Ls of water  a day  ( exercises include  6 min abs bike riding  dumbbells sqauts and palaetes ) also abdominal massages to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny )   i noticed  the left side poking out alot more then the right side  next to the belly button... i thought   :o ab!!??? then i realised no swelling... with a dul pain that radiates  sometimes down to my  hip bone 
im having a masive anxiety attack over this or its real ? first thing i thought was stomach cancer ? small intestine cancer ?  then i thought  i dont wanna tell my parents this and stress them out  first dr  said its normal just the intestine that moves i gave it  4 weeks with no exercises 
it was still there the 2nd  dr said  its abnormal but i shouldnt worry and relax come back in 2 weeks so i did so now he said he cant feel nothing while the abdominals have  swollen... ( it goes up and down )   after all of this im due for scans tomorrow wich freak me out making me  wanna just  sleep and not worry but i cant  cause i dislocated my arm for the 2nd time and cant sleep proper
ive also cleaned out a house im doing up to set for ppl to rent out  and there was mice feccies if theres any diseases in that ??
but the drs think im mad and no1 cares 
does anyone have any idea what this could be ??????( the dr also said while examined its not a hernia or a ceptic ulcer )

tomorrow i get an ultra sound and i wanna spew up
im scared that if they find something ill have to sneak it around my family and get it all done
also my arms dislocated the  other day and im now feeling like im broken  
this sucks

A hard stomach that is painful is worrisome for an acute or surgical abdomen.  In other words, an operation is, or soon will be, necessary.

However, since you didn't mention pain and described it as from above his belly button to below us sternum, it makes me think of a diastasis rectus, which is a weakening of the fascia of the abdominal wall.  In this situation, when he lies flat, the mass/lump should disappear.  However, should he lift his head and especially if he does even half a situp, it will appear.  This is not a hernia so it's purely a cosmetic issue and no surgery is necessary - if indeed this is all it is.

Abscesses or pus pockets can also arise but something that big would most likely be accompanied by pain & fever.  Also, abscesses are typically described as fluctuant or fluid filled, rather than hard, although I suppose a tense pus pocket that's hard could be ready to rupture and leak.

If he had abdominal surgery that went right down the middle, perhaps the sutures broke down such that you're describing an incisional hernia.  This would require surgery to fix.  

It's doubtful that HepC would lead to this.  An upper GI (regardless of whether you're describing an xray or endoscopy) won't show what's going on here.

The easiest solution to all this is for him to go see his family physician who'll be able to diagnose him very quickly with the additional information I asked about above.

Good luck! 

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