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Steven Tyler: Broken Shoulder, Stitches

Posted Aug 14 2009 5:09pm

Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler, was pretty fortunate, considering the tumble he took at a concert last week. Tyler, 61 years old, fell off a stage while performing. The lucky part was he only sustained a broken shoulder and gashes the back of his head that needed 20 stitches to close up.

20090813_baf_mm4_146.jpg A broken shoulder can be a tough one to get over, so Tyler is best off not overdoing it for a while.

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket type of joint. It’s made up of three separate bones, the collarbone ( clavicle ), shoulder blade ( scapula ) and upper arm ( humerus ).

The scapula is the least broken bone as it’s quite difficult to break. Only about 1% of bone breaks are with the scapula. If it is broken, it’s usually by a trauma or accident. Although the reports of Tyler’s accident and injuries don’t specify which bone is broken, it is possible that it was the scapula, although it could just as easily be one of the other two.

Treatment for a broken shoulder is generally to keep it stable and immobilized for several weeks. Surgery could be needed. Physiotherapy after the shoulder is healed is usually necessary because the muscles haven’t been used for a while and need to be strengthened again.



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Post from: Blisstree

Steven Tyler: Broken Shoulder, Stitches

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