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Sperm Donors And Child Support

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:02am

6?20?????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is something that I feel there should be some kind of waver on because frankly, it’s ridiculous. If someone donates sperm to a woman that wants a child through a sperm bank and not donating it in the form of sexual intercourse then I don’t feel they should have to pay child support. If you want a child and are impregnated through artificial insemination then you alone are responsible for that child.

When two people have a one night stand or a full relationship and both accept the consequences or responsibilities of possible parenthood by having unprotected sex then you both should be responsible for the upbringing and financial obligations for that child.

If you accepted sperm through a fertility clinic from someone you know because you asked them to donate and later want them to pay child support then you should be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed for accepting a gift and then trying to force someone that was nice enough to give it to you, the financial obligation that you initially planned on accepting.

I feel that there should be some kind of waiver the person accepting the sperm should sign. This waiver should state that the person accepting the sperm for fertilization should accept full responsibility of the upbringing of the child to include ALL financial responsibilities.

What do YOU think. Should sperm donors be obligated for child support? Take the poll!

Do you think Sperm Donors Should Be Obligated For Child Support?

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