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Speed up your metabolism – Tips

Posted Nov 23 2010 8:19am

As controversial as Darwin's theory of evolution is, it was shocking to note that the church has recently accepted this and considered this to be acceptable. And what makes it even more surprising that something as obvious as "survival of the fittest" isn't accepted by heads of state that are, although, separated from the church manage to allow their religious preferences to influence better judgment.
Can you imagine the stupidity of it all?
One can easily find examples of survival everywhere these days, and that have been observed and scrutinized closely by science these days. For example, in matters of health, when the body struggles with starvation, the body responds by going into survival mode.
This involves conserving energy and the storing of fat in order to do so, and this also results in the body slowing down the metabolic processes that are involved as well in an attempt to survive. And so when people talk about Darwin’s theory being irrelevant, nothing can be further from the truth.
The Body’s Metabolic Rate and its effect on fat
There’s no doubt that those who have a sedentary lifestyle (and not just those who are starving) have a slow metabolic rate, and while this might have its advantages for survival, it isn’t that way at all for those who are in pursuit of a lengthy and healthy life and aren’t in any danger.
And this is why experts in health and fitness consider increasing your metabolic rate to be a priority if you want a fit and healthy body as it continues to burn the fat off your body by working constantly, while being very clear about the fact that this cannot be achieved without an active lifestyle. And this just does not mean just exercising and so here are a few tips that one must follow in order to speed up one’s metabolic rate:
Tip #1: Keep track of the numbers
If you know how many calories are needed on a daily basis (even a rough estimate would do), one can then gain control over how much food is being eaten every day. For this, a simple method to find out how many calories are required a day would be to multiply 11 or 12 (depending on whether you exercise regularly or not) by the number of pounds you weigh. What should be remembered is that there is no hard and fast rule when using this method.
Tip #2: Eat small meals throughout the day
Portion-control has become a big thing especially with the new pyramid chart that contains this information. And so the idea is for people to eat more often as opposed to eating more which becomes even easier when you know the approximate number of calories that you will need on a daily basis. Try and break your meals into 6-8 parts and most importantly, eat breakfast at all costs!
Tip #3: Exercise
Both diet and exercise are equally important if one has to increase their metabolic rate (one won’t do!). Find a routine that involves both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
Tip #4: Drink Water and get enough sleep
Another important aspect of this is to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day while also getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep at least. Your body needs rest as well as a good amount of water in order to perform vital functions, and so these are important too.
In Closing
Just remember that regardless of whether or not Darwin’s theory of evolution is acceptable or not, the idea is not for you to put your body into survival mode i.e. a slow metabolic rate.

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