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Speed Up Your Metabolism – 5 Simple Tips

Posted May 22 2013 8:53am

With society's fixation on equating fat to being hilariously unappealing, it's no wonder people will do anything to lose weight and get into shape, even these methods are, for lack of a better word, plain ridiculous.

Take for example, the Tapeworm Diet, which requires the dieter to swallow tapeworms and then allow them to do their "magic" which usually would result in bloating, abdominal pain and God knows what else.

Why would you think of doing something like this, even if fitness was hardly taken seriously in the early 1900s?

Doesn't common sense dictate that we should rid ourselves of worms instead of allowing them to roam freely in our bodies?

Methinks, people would rather take the easy way out instead of working for it – an impressive body, that is.

These ridiculous shams continue even till this day (God, those contraptions sold on these shopping channels make me want to punch someone in the face!) when all you really have to do is speed up your metabolism in order to burn excess body fat…

The Relationship Between Body Fat and Metabolic Rate

skinnydipping By definition, the metabolic rate is the rate at which a person burns calories. Calories that are burnt for specific activities whether it is vital body functions such as breathing, the maintenance of one's heartbeat, heat and blood circulation as well as others such as being able to walk, run and so on and so forth as we go about our daily business.

What must also be pointed out is that not everyone burns calories at the same rate – some people's bodies tend to convert food into fuel quicker than others, and which is why, they tend to remain thin while the ones with a slow metabolic rate tend to put on weight quicker than most.

Some of the factors that determine how fast or slow one's metabolic rate is are age, genetics, gender and proportion of lean body mass.

Simply put, the faster your metabolic rate, the tendency to convert body fat into fuel is much more likely thus ensuring that you stay in shape. Conversely, if you starve your body, it switches into emergency mode by storing whatever small amounts you eat into body fat so as to be used later.

Which begs the question: But how do we speed up our body's metabolic rate?

Speed Up Your Metabolism – 5 Simple Tips

Speeding up your metabolism isn't rocket science – it really is all about changing a few things you eat and do every day.

#1: Drink Iced Water, Tea and Coffee
Drinking water with ice will make sure that your stomach has to work harder to bring it up to normal temperature. Another option is to drink green tea or coffee which increases your heart rate, and your metabolic rate.

#2: Add Spices to Your Food
Chili Peppers and Cinnamon are excellent spices to add to your food in order to speed up your metabolism, with the latter being known to increase it by twentyfold.

#3: Don't Skip Breakfast
No matter what you do, and for more reasons than not, do not skip breakfast. Eating your breakfast regularly means more energy for the day but it will also speed up your metabolism in the morning as you get through the day. Better still, get some sun while you are having some breakfast!

#4: Focus on Strength Training
If you use weights in training, you can be sure that your body has to work hard to repair muscles after each workout. Better still, as you convert fat into muscle, your body will have to burn more calories without any effort – an additional 50 calories for every pound of muscle to be exact.

#5: Exercise Frequently and With Intensity
Instead of a heavy workout, choose to break your workout into smaller bits making sure that you exercise more frequently with moderate-to-high intensity. Also, working out with intensity ensures that you burn calories long after your workout is complete – spanning almost 12 to 48 hours afterwards.

In Closing
So, are there any other ways by which you can speed up your metabolism? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Also, here's an article that covers how to measure body fat  as well as more ways to boost metabolism .

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