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Soy Protein: Uber protein?

Posted Feb 18 2011 8:29am

If there is a country towards which people have to point their fingers, it is towards China that one must look at first. In my opinion, one of the most interesting countries that is not only adjusting well to the onslaught of modernism but still managing to preserve one of mankind's richest cultures quite adequately.

No matter whether this extends to the martial arts, the arts in general, philosophy and in pertinence to this blog, their diet as well.

Of course, one can't rule out the contribution of countries such as Japan and Korea but there is no doubt that China single handedly has given a lot more than any country that has formed in the twentieth century can boast of.

Even the cynical 'racist' (not being ignorant, of course) of us all will attribute this fact, and perhaps one of the ways by which we can see China's contribution is towards the field of diet and nutrition, specifically in the area of being an excellent source of protein.

Protein and its sources

Yes, almost everyone who has reached an age of maturity knows that proteins are considered to be the building blocks of the body. Our body tissue cannot build, repair and rebuild itself in a situation where there is a serious lack of protein.

But why protein is indeed important to the human body is because it is an integral ingredient in the production of the 'essential amino acids' that the body cannot generate by itself, and through the food that one eats on a daily basis.

And while there are a slew of foods that are said to contain protein in large amounts such as beef, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes and so on and so forth, a method known as the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score determines which sources of protein are actually "complete".

Complete in the sense that one can derive the adequate amount of protein in order to be able to generate these essential amino acids, of course. And since we've been talking about China and its contribution, soybeans have also been added to this category as well.

A Note of Soybeans

If you think that eating soybeans raw is a good idea, it's definitely not. However, it is being processed into foods commonly identified as soy milk, soy meat (as if there was such a thing!), soy oil and flour and so on and so forth for obvious reasons, of course.

But these are not the ways one can get the purest source of soy (and you will be interested in what comes next especially if you are into strenuous workouts and bodybuilding) in three ways such as soy flour (50%), concentrate (70%) and isolate (90%).

And if you still don't know why this is even being discussed as there are other option, research has found that one can consider this form of protein to be a source of 'complete protein', meaning that in consuming soy protein, one will be able to produce all the amino acids that the body needs to produce apart from one's diet.

How cool is that?

In Closing

And the strangest thing is that the Chinese have been consuming this products since the dawn of time… and one wonders why they're so healthy!

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