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Soy Protein Overview – And Who is Messi, seriously?

Posted May 11 2012 8:33am

Recently TIME magazine interviewed Lionel Messi, the short kid from Rosario (Argentina) with a growth hormone deficiency, proclaiming him to be the king of kings when it comes to the 'beautiful game'.

Yes, we're talking about football (otherwise known as soccer or association football) that is the most popular game in the world – and no it doesn't take all day like cricket.

His closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, has upped the ante this entire season, and has been right on the heels of the little champion who just recently broke one of the longest held records in football by Gerd Muller.

Numero Uno, as he would be described. And without a doubt, in a world full of gawdy footballers (read as: David Beckham – shame on you!), he's the complete footballer that our generation has ever seen or the following will get to see.

No different from the "complete" protein that you will get if you don't mind trying soy protein

A Note on Soy Protein

Protein is important. Building blocks of the body, they call it. Providing essential amino acids that the body cannot generate itself but needs to stay healthy is one of its primary function.

However, not all protein sources (like fish, meat and eggs) are able to provide all the essential amino acids that are required by the body except those that are defined to be complete protein.

Soy protein , on the other hand, is. It is prepared from soybeans that China is famous for introducing to the world for its numerous benefits.

No, we're not talking about soy meat, oil and milk when it comes to preparations, and which are commonly found to work for those who are strict vegetarians (for whatever reason!) but preparations such as soy flour (50%), concentrate (70%) and isolate (90%).

The last of the lot is something that those who have made bodybuilding a profession will find very interesting much like "whey isolate" that has been a part of popular supplements off late.

But how do we know that soy protein is "complete"?

They call it the Protein Digestability Corrected Amino Acid Score and the scores given to foods range from 0 (lowest) to 1 (highest). Foods such as casein, egg white, whey and of course, soy protein have obtained the highest score.

Interestingly, the score signifies the protein quality from the source but it is given on how well a person can digest it as well as the amino acids that are required for the human body, and is present in source itself.

Obtaining a score of one can only mean that this source offers better quality of protein than regular protein obtained from beef, chickpeas, fruits among several others.

So, how will you benefit from opting for complete protein from sources such as this one?

All your daily dietary requirements are met and the protein that you do digest will be in the right proportion to support all the biological functions in the body adequately.

That counts for a lot, doesn't it?

In Closing

And yes, being a Barca fan, is truly being the happiest of the lot of football fans that are around… in being able to treat both imposters victory and defeat in the same manner.

A wholesome (read as: complete) approach to the beautiful game, as a fan…

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