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sometimes my penis get hard but sometimes it does not get that much errection

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sometimes my penis get hard but sometimes it does not get that much errection. I don't know what is the reason but I have got no more sexual feelings any more. I am over weight and does not have too much exercise. Sometimes I'm too tense and I have also quit smoking for six months and using nicorette gums as NRT for six monhts now.
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I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Viagra) I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


I was wondering if someone could help answer this for me. It regards my bf, he has ED due to neuropathy, as he has type 1 diabetes. He says he has had ED for about 5 years but upto 2 years ago, viagra would work. Now it does nothing and he has also tried Caverject which also did nothing. I understand the neuropathy side of it, causing the nerves to not communicate with the brain but, every now and then, and we can't figure out why, it seems to go a little hard, but not enough for intercourse. What could be causing this? Could ppl please reply to sesesito@ 


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