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Soldiers Mental Health Issues

Posted May 12 2009 3:49pm

Yesterday solidified the notion, or the fact rather, that war takes it’s toll on the mental health of the human mind. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that. Since the beginning of time war has been effecting the mental health of the military members. Our service members are just as prone to snapping under stress as anyone is. That’s right, ANYONE.



The problem is that some people will call the Soldiers “Heroes” but when they hear about 1 out of half a million soldiers snapping, suddenly they are “Psychotic” service members and all of them should be approached with caution. We Americans never blame and criticize an entire group of people for a few of their members actions, do we? Never. We’ve never, ever, ever done that, now have we? (Sarcasm, in case you can’t figure it out).

When a civilian goes and shoots a bunch of people, what does the press do? They tie any background they can in to it. “ A former Marine shot and killed his employer today. “. Why do they have to tie that in? Did the Marine Corps make him do it? Does the military turn people in to mentally ill human beings? No. Military life is not easy and war is even harder on the human mind. I’ve never served in combat during my military career, but I’ve known plenty of people and friends that did serve and they do leave a little piece of themselves in the war zones.

The military recognizes the importance of mental health and they try to deal with stress, PTSD and mental health the best that they can. The fact is that anyone can become a victim of poor mental health. Some people have stronger minds than others and they can take the heat. Some people can not take the mental pounding that the military and combat can sometimes bring.

Unfortunately the tragedy that happened yesterday in Iraq where an American serviceman took the lives of 5 others, just proves that we’re not perfect. We aren’t robots that can simply be set up and unleashed in time of war. We’re humans with emotions that can sometimes get the best of us. We can hurt ourselves and hurt others if we’re not helped and provided the help when we ask for it.

I ask again, does the military turn people in to mentally ill human beings? Again, No. However they contribute quite a bit when they ask too much of them by having them serve back to back deployments to combat zones. With two wars and troops constantly in rotation, serving in Iraq for 18 months, coming back for 12 and turning around to go to Afghanistan, it’s ridiculous. Haven’t we lost enough?

Lastly remember; you should support the troops, but that doesn’t mean you have to support the war.

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Post from: Blisstree

Soldiers Mental Health Issues

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