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Soft Sticky Stool Small Quantity in more repitition

Posted by Muhammad Yousaf

Sir since last year I am facing a health issue which is making my life hard, since last July, one night i experienced a severe pain in my abdomen in the morning volmting took place and pain was some what releived due to use of some pain killers. In the evening a severe fever up to 102. later on Doctor suggested Ciprofloxacine and some pain killer to me. It caused redish urine and blackish stool. After Five days the condition gradually improved and stool and urine become normal. But another problem aroused and that was volmting. I consulted another Doctor who suggested that I have a Heptic problem. he tested my ALT which figured as 17. Then he prescribed me Silymain and Aminocid along with  Motilium for the Fifteen days the bring improvement in my health and problem of the Volmting was solved but overall health state was poor. After this it become a regular problem for about month or two months I face similar state Doctor suggests Ciprolfloxacine for five to ten days the situtation improves but overall health and weight is decling and I have lost at least three Kgs of weight from 66 to 63 Kg. Now I am facing the problem of soft sticky stool some what thin and it is repeated three to four times a day in small quantities. There is light pain in the different regions of the abdomin some time. Abdominal gases are regularly excreted some time pain and some time ittiching is felt at the anal opening. Problem strengthened particulary while travelling or while fatigues.
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