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Slightly swollen lymph nodes, painful to the touch only in groin.

Posted by JDragun2

I went to the ER for urinary frequency, the Urine cultures were negative, my kidney function is fine, but I am on doxycycline (100mg 2 X's a day). Iwas wondering if straining to urinate for almost two weeks could have caused the swelling. [ 2 bumps on either side of my groin ]

I am seeing a urologist tomorrow to get scoped as they think I might have a strincture in the urethra. Even though no infection came up as of yet could the lymph nodes stay swollen for a time even after the infection is beat? I do not have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, only a very low grade fever 99.2-99.8 degrees, but it doesn't stay all day long, it fluctuates during the day from normal 98.6 to that? 

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The medicine (doxycycline) you are taking and the symptoms you are describing are classic for a person who may have Clamydia or Gonorrhea. What you may be experiencing is groin pain due to another circumstance due to the medicine not working as it should, but it could simply be related. Clamydia would not show up as an infection, but rather a bacteria. Find the local health center or planned parenthood and get tested. The good thing to know is that if it is Clamydia or Gonorrhea, it is totally curable.
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