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Slight pain on my right side just under my rib cage?

Posted by greg09

This pain is not constant and I do not know it is there until there is pressure put on the area.  Example, sitting down and bending over to tie my right shoe or me pushing on that spot.  I feel no lumps or see any brusing.  I did recently start weight training again.  When i do feel the pain it is slight and stops as soon as the pressure is not on the area.  It does not hurt when I breath or yawn.  I can feel it slightly when I do a deep stretch.  I am thinking it is a pulled muscle or tendon but want to make sure.
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RxBlogger has a nice list of possible diagnoses.  Unfortunately, just about anything can cause pain in the right upper quadrant (under the ribs), even stuff that isn't typically associated w/pain in that area.  For instance, appendicitis typically starts around the belly button and then moves to the right lower quadrant.  Diverticulitis typically is in the left lower quadrant.  Yet, it's possible for their pain to be manifest elsewhere.  

If you were female and had pelvic inflammatory disease, the infection could actually irritate the liver capsule (causing right upper quadrant pain) and is then known as Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome.  Pain that occurs w/consumption of fatty food might be due to gallbladder stones.  Lower lobe pneumonias sitting on the diaphragm can present as abdominal pain so we always get a chest xray before taking someone to the OR for abdominal surgery.  But then you'd expect a cough & fever (not what you're describing).  

Kidney infections (pyelonephritis) is typically more back pain than right upper quadrant but it's not inconceivable.  Kidney stone pain comes & goes and usually isn't something that you can manifest by position or touch.  Crohn's & ulcerative colitis can occur anywhere but like kidney stones and even sickle cell, it's usually not positional.  Peptic ulcer or esophageal reflux (heartburn) can present as right upper quadrant pain but again is usually not positional (not the way you describe it) but rather food related (at least initially).  

Best thing to do is check in w/your family physician and tell him/her what you've mentioned above.  S/he will ask you a number of questions, similar to what I've been doing above, to narrow down the extensive list that RxBlogger put together.  At that point, s/he will decide what tests are appropriate.  For instance, blood work and xrays or ultrasound.  Or maybe s/he will offer you something to decrease stomach acid.  But you have to go see him/her first!

Good luck! 


I have the same issue. It happens most of the time when i do any hamstring stretch where I bend over. The pain leaves as quickly as it arrives, but usually hurts to the touch for a day or so. There is always soreness in the same spot when sitting in awkward positions for extended periods, i.e. train or plane. Do you think this is just a tendon or ligament being strained?
I feel the same pain, its more like the lower part of the rib.  Please let me know if you get any information on what may cause this.
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