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Slight pain before urination, also accompanied by a feeling of slight blockage obstructing the urination

Posted by ocean1971

Once after a vigorous intercourse (cannot rule out bending of penis during the act cann't remember exactly), there was pain lingering after ejaculation. The pain was quite substantial. Later when tried to pee it was like a horrible feeling inside of burning and blockage. Thought that it was due to the act of too aggressive sex and should go away in some time. I did give penis warm water  baths may be to relax the muscles. However, the pain continued and I consulated a GP. GP asked to take urine sample for pathology and found infection. GP gave me Cifro for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks another urine test showed very high level of infection. He recommended culture and then suggested another antibiotic seen effective on the culture. After 2 weeks another urine sample was taken and this time it showed no infection.

However, burning sensation during urination remained. Of course GP asked to drink plenty water and urinate as much as possible. Later GP asked me see a urologist. Urologist gave me rectal examination thru my rectum to see inflamation of prostate. As per him there was swelling on the prostate gland. Urologist gave me medication for a month. After a month of medication, another 2 weeks medication was given and then for new 3 months the urologist adviced to take Alfuzosin Hydrochloride used to help dialet the urine passage. I stopped medicines entirely after 4 months. Examination of prostate was done again by Urologist thru rectal massage after six months and found that there is no more swelling on prostate.

Then Urologist asked me just keep drinking more water and forget about it. It would be okay. Now, nearly one year after my vigorous intercourse, am still having slight pain before urination. And a slight afterfeeling lingers for say 10mins after urination. During sex also there no such pain. But after ejaculation the afterfeeling stays for 10-20 mins.

My question is; do i still need to check more pathology for my problem or this problem will eventually subside as per my Urologist?

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