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Sinus Infection Symptoms – The Early Signs

Posted Jun 02 2011 8:41am

With almost 32 million cases of people in the United States suffering with sinus infection every year, it wouldn't be a surprise to think of this condition as an common ailment that almost ninety percent of all adults have to deal with at some point of time or the other in their lifetime.

If the headaches don't piss you off, then embarrassment will. Imagine yourself in a situation without a hanky, and you discharge mucus spontaneously in a public place.

While this might need you to use a self-deprecating sense of humor to get away with the proverbial murder of accepted social graces in this regard, some folks would rather bolt for the door rather than face the disgusted looks of the people around.

If that's not enough, your ability to pronounce words which use /n/ sound will be severely affected, and perhaps, self-deprecating humor works here as well.

Yes, that's sinusitis… sorry, si(m)usitis…


Medically speaking, doctors refer to this as 'nasal congestion', which obviously has something to do with blocked sinuses . Normally, there are two types of sinus infection such as chronic (lasts more than 3 months) and acute (lasts for a month or so) infections.

So where do they occur?

In the nasal cavities due to the inflammation of the sinuses that happens for several reasons.

Since these sinuses function to protect our body from the entrance of viruses and bacteria, the failure of which will cause these germs to settle on the lining cells, and which in turn, causes 'sinusitis'.

(Read this interesting article that outlines the cause of chronic sinusitis as revealed in recent research efforts.)

Now if you wanted to know whether or not you have sinusitis (since it is so common), what symptoms would indicate the presence of the condition?

Sinus Infection Symptoms

So here are some common symptoms that will tell you whether or not you have a sinus infection or not:

1) Headache

2) Pressure in the eyes, cheek area, nose or one side of the head.

3) Cough that worsens at night

4) Runny nose or Nasal Congestion with thick nasal secretions

5) Bad breath

6) Fever

7) Common cold

8) Heaviness in the head when bending

9) Pain or tenderness in several locations in the head region

10) Tiredness or weakness

If you think you are suffering from a combination of these symptoms, you have a sinus infection, and it is time to get treated by a doctor.

Sinus Infection – Treatment

In consulting a doctor, the medication prescribed will counter the damage caused to the mucous lining of the sinuses, and can take about 10 days to cure you completely from this common ailment.

Statistically, every adult will at least experience a bout of acute sinusitis at least three times in a year while the figures for chronic sinusitis stand at three times a year and take about 20 days to be cured.

It is recommended to also use steam inhalation along with the medication to soothe the sinus cavities as well. Just apply the heat over the area that is inflamed.

Just don't take this condition lightly as it might be common but can lead to complications. (Read this article to find out more about sinus infection complications.)

In Closing

And when it comes to those embarrassing moments, take a walk down memory lane and revisit how you dealt with an involuntary discharge of mucus in your younger years. And maybe, you'll understand why a sense of humor might just work…

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