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Single-digit body fat, ALREADY?! - Workout Recap (March 22-29, 2009)

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm

You can follow my weekly recaps right here every Sunday, but you can follow me every day as I post daily updates of my journey from GeekLand to FreakVille at

Current Stats and Measurements (March 29, 2009)

  • Height - 6'3"
  • Weight - 190.2 lb.
  • Bodyfat - 9.63% (Skinfolds in mm - Chest:6, Abs:16, Thigh:12)
  • Biceps - 13.9"
  • Calves - 15"
  • Thighs - 24.4"
  • Waist - 32.4"
  • Chest - 42"

"How to Get Abs" Progress Pics (March 29, 2009)

Before (Mid to Late 2005)

Current (March 29, 2009)

Today's Diet Log

For up-to-the-minute coverage of my world-famous digestive system, check out my very cool and overly-detailed Diet Log.

Current Supplements

Weekly Recap (March 22-29, 2009)

I can't believe it, literally, so I'm second-guessing my measurements, my scales, and my calipers.

Somehow, I managed to gain almost 2 pounds, while simultaneously dropping nearly 2 percent body-fat.

Granted, my compliance has been on a roll, but I just didn't expect to hit single-digit body-fat for at least a few more weeks, and especially not while GAINING weight.

I know caliper measurements, particularly self-assessed measurements, are far from perfect, but I try to be as consistent as possible, if nothing else, measuring and re-measuring until I get the same reading 3 times in a row.

It would be a little easier to believe if I had dropped 2 pounds, since my waist and other circumference measurements did decrease, but where did that 2 pounds come from and where did it go?

The only thing I can do now, to be sure, is keep up with my high-compliance and continue doing what's working.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic over the exceptional results, but I'll need at least one more consistent reading next week to really let things sink in.

Then, it will be time to increase calories ever so SLIGHTLY to start adding a few more pounds of lean mass, while keeping body-fat in single-digit territory.

Single-digit bodyfat was my short-term goal, and my absolute ultimate goal that I've had for a very long time is to be 200 pounds at 9% body fat.

Let's see if I can have another beyond-belief week and add 10 pounds of lean mass in the next 7 days without an ounce of body fat! :)

That about raps it up for this week. See you next Sunday and don't forget you can follow my daily updates over at

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