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Simple (Fast Digesting) Carbohydrates

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:42pm

simple carbs

Simple carbohydrates, sometimes called “Fast digesting” are carbs made from man made processed foods such as refined sugars, and flour based food products. Simple carbohydrates send sugars to the blood stream which in turn causes the pancreas to secrete insulin on a much higher level than a complex carbohydrate. The body must regulate that sugar level and the insulin quickly goes to work processing the sugars and either starts using them or storing excess in the form of fat.

Obviously, people that have a diet in fast digesting, simple carbohydrates and do not exercise or use that sugar energy from simple carbs are going to have excess stores of fat. People that are overweight are overweight for a reason. One of those reasons is their diet probably consists of foods high in fat and foods high in simple carbohydrates. The human body will store any excess energy that it can if it’s not being used. Combine a diet high in non-essential fat with foods high in simple carbohydrates and those fat stores are going to start filling up and overflowing.

Granted some people have faster metabolisms than others, the body pretty much works the same. Through regulation the body will normally keep what it needs and discard any excess waste. The body is always in need of energy, so if the body thinks that it may need that energy later, it will hold on to it. Unfortunately your body doesn’t know when to say, “Ok, we have enough for now.”, That’s your responsibility.

Sometimes the body may have a slight chemical imbalance, where more insulin is secreted than the body can use. It is said that too much insulin can trigger cravings for sugary foods, thus releasing more insulin and creating hunger pangs that result in excess consumption of simple carbs.

Simple carbohydrates aren’t always bad, though. It’s all about moderation. I’ll explain more on this on Friday.

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