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Signs of infection?

Posted by LannyMarden

In August 30, 2011, I shattered my tibia and fibula and it came right out of my skin (compound fracture). I had two plates and 14 screws put in. I'm still at nonweight baring status. For the last few days I'm having much more pain and the skin near the operation and plate site is really itchy and bumpy. Can this be a sign of infection setting in?
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Perhaps.  Sorry I can't be more defnitive.  But we typically associate infections with (localized) redness, red streaks, heat, pain, swollen glands, fever/sweats/chills, etc, depending upon the severity of the infection.  Because you're still non-weight bearing (NWB), and given the compound nature requiring open reduction & internal fixation (ORIF), it's best to get evaluated sooner rather than later.  Good luck!
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