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Should I be concerned about sudden tenderness in the lymph nodes in my throat, as well as my left thigh?

Posted by kvnk

Should I be concerned about tenderness in the lymph node area just behind/under my jaw line, which started last night, in combination with a slightly sore throat, as well as tenderness at a spot on the inside, upper portion of my left thigh, about six inches down from my groin? I have noticed similar, intermittant tenderness, over the past few years, at spots about six inches down from both arm pits. I am a male, in my mid 40s, about 5' 10" tall, and weighing about 210 pounds. I am currently taking Cymbalta (60 mg daily), Lamotrigine (75 mg daily) and Vyvanse (20 mg daily) for depression and ADD. (I've been on the first two medications for several years, and started the Vyvanse about three weeks ago.) I had a basal cell carcinoma on my left cheek removed, a few years ago, and have had a rough year, with major back surgery, and a small pulmonary embolism about a month afterwards. About three months ago, I had a bout with diarrhea, which lasted about six weeks, one week past finishing a course of anti-biotics (cipro?).
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I have had a cold/flu for 3 days & my throat has been sore, chills that last for 30 minutes where I shake uncontrollable, fever, dry cough & the regular cough, major headaches, ear soreness and minor body aches. I have been taking ibuprofen and robitussin for the 3 days and nothing has seem to work continuously. What do I have and what can I do?

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