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Shin Splints Prevention/Treatment

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:17pm
Female runner wearing training shoes

Shin Splints. Most of us that jog or run have had a problem with this at one time or another. Shin splints is basically stress from overload on the shin bone and the tissues that connect the bone to your lower leg muscles. There are a few ways you can treat or prevent shin splits from becoming a problem.

One sure way is to just stop running, but that’s not an option for a lot of people. You can cut back though until it heals itself by not doing strenuous activities that wreak havoc on the connective tissues like running down hill and other back and forth athletic activities like basketball, tennis, racquetball, etc. Sports that require fast bursts of movement in different directions, putting a lot of stress on the muscles, ligaments and bones.


Foot-wear is a big problem solver as well. Most people don’t have a clue as to what type of foot-wear they should use. Some people have high arches and some are “Flat-footed”. To find out what the best foot-wear is right for you, you can go to a running shop and get fitted for arch supports and they should be able to tell you what type of running shoe you should use. Changing your sneakers is also important as wear and tear effects the way your foots lands and launches off of the ground. If you have wear on the sole of the shoe, it effects the way your muscles react when contact is made. Good shoes aren’t cheap and cheap shoes aren’t good. Choose wisely.

Stretching makes a huge difference as well. If your ankle mobility is limited it keeps the muscles around the lower leg tight and increases stress on the area. Running at slow paces, almost at a shuffle is terrible as well. You need to keep the muscles loose and shuffle running doesn’t not give the ankle a full range of motion and creates stress in the lower leg muscles and ligaments.

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