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Sharp sporadic pain that extends between down left arm up to under left shoulder blades.

Posted by Apple


 My Mother had been experiencing sporadic but sharp pain along her left arm and under or around the left shoulder blades or the left shoulder areas. The pain is not constant but sporadic - often ebbing and then remerging within munutes.

 Mother says  the pain is so sharp that it even tugs 'at her heart.' When this happensshe feels a SENSE of breathlessness. But she says there's no chest pain, no dizzines, no fatigue or any other. Her blood pressure is normal. Mom's in her middle 50s.

The pain started as a "buzzing" or tingling ache along her left arm sometime ago but in the few days the pain has sharpened greatly. The pain is now also often centered around or under her Left shoulder blade and 'flows' down along her left arm. Earlier the tingling ache used to be along her arms and shoulders only.

 Doctors said it is a "muscle"problem and prescribed her some ointments and massage creams to ease the 'muscles."

I'm wondering muscle ache could be that severe? I suspect it's more than that. Please help? 

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