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sharp groin pain from bellybutton straight below testicles..

Posted by Sly__

ive been worried about my boyfriend who has been having severe pain straight from right below his belly button to below his testes. there isnt any other abdominal or back pain and it doesnt seem to be a urinary infection.his testicles arent swollen and there is no blood in is urine it is quite simply just the sharp pains that come and go and get worse if he holds his bladder as well as being painful when he urinates...he hasnt suffered any injury and he decribes it to be sharp pain but in the same area a muscle strain would be(?)he doesnt suffer from any STD either recently to(coincidental?)he had a numbing hot- cold sensation in his left thigh it has subsided now but wondering if there is any relevance... any ideas,im all out.
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