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SEO Don'ts

Posted May 10 2011 1:12am
Every website owner dreams to be the first on popular search engines to gain profits. The Internet is tricky and hard to navigate. It is flooded with information you won’t be able to read in a lifetime. The competitive world of Search Engine Optimization can be complex and crucial. Some SEO newbies doing their seo freelance set aside the guidelines in setting up links, which of course gets them penalized. Others enjoy doing dirty tricks with search engines just to get on the top page. But SEO is not like that. Producing quality links and following rules is the key to staying on top. Here are some common lists of SEO DON’Ts you should be aware of:

1. Spamming is not allowed. Quality content is very effective in gaining traffic. Fresh and quality contents are the things most search engines like. SEO writer must be aware of the know-how in writing contents. Duplicate contents are not search engine friendly manner and can result in a drop in ranking, or even worst, removal from the search engine’s index.

2. Bad Neighbor. When I say “bad neighbor” it is the SEO term where most search engines penalize websites for over linking or for using links improperly. This action will only make your page rank stationary.

3. Porn / Adult Sites Strictly Prohibited. Although there are many customers in adult sites, still it is considered as forbidden in the SEO world. Avoid inserting links that are not related to your site in any case. Besides, they are not your potential customers, your just wasting your time and effort.

4. Over Linking. Creating link backs to your web site is not a sin in Google’s mind, but multiple links in one page will penalize your web site. It is advisable to build one or two links in an article or blog but with different URLs. Remember, the spider crawl a web site from top to bottom, right to left. Over linking your web site is a sure-fire way to get your website sandboxed by Google.

5. Signature Rules. Forum posting and commenting is one of the best avenues in setting up links to your website. Do not post your links directly on discussion forums; this might get you banned for good. There is a proper place where you can insert your link without being banned – the SIGNATURE.

Looking ordinary would make you a good neighbor and a good citizen of the internet. Never use dirty tricks to win the rank, rather create a clear and well-organized site and write fresh and quality contents.
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