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Sen. Edward Kennedy, Dead at 77

Posted Aug 26 2009 10:34pm

Senator Edward Kennedy, whose sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away just recently, has died as well. News sources report that Mr. Kennedy died last night (Tuesday) in his home. He was the youngest of 9 children. Mr. Kennedy had been diagnosed with a brain tumor just over a year ago (May 2008), a malignant glioma. Malignant gliomas are aggressive and deadly ( Can my headaches mean I have a brain tumor ).

20090421_zaf_x10_041.jpg Much of the western world knows about the Kennedy family, the political rise and the young and violent deaths. John and Robert Kennedy were assassinated and Edward (Ted) was left with the political life.

His life wasn’t without controversy though. There was the Chappaquiddick incident that left a young woman dead and many unanswered questions. Mr. Kennedy also had his own brush with death when, in 1964, the plane he was in crashed, killing the pilot and one of Mr. Kennedy’s aides. His personal life also had its ups and downs. Mr. Kennedy’s first marriage lasted 24 years, after which he divorced, remarrying later. One of his sons, Teddy Jr., fought a battle against childhood cancer, beating it after having one leg amputated.

Politically, it seems that many people didn’t have a lot of confidence in his ability to make it, but he proved to be a long-term, well-respected senator who worked hard to represent his consitituents.

What legacy do you think he’ll leave? The controversy of his younger years or his contributions of his later years?



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Post from: Blisstree

Sen. Edward Kennedy, Dead at 77

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