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Self Help And Reflection: Self Improvement And Self Education

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:46pm

zumawirewestphotos609088-20081118-zaf stuckSelf improvement is a life-long process. It takes more than just telling yourself that you’re going to be a better person. You have to take some things in to consideration, you have to want to improve yourself. Some people think they don’t need improvement and think that there is nothing they can do to be a better person. Whether it’s improving yourself mentally, morally or physically, there is always something you can do. Some people just don’t have the ambition. Some people would rather take the easy way out by living day to day in a stagnant lifestyle that takes them nowhere. Later they wonder why things don’t go their way. One way or another, you have work for everything in life. Sometimes it’s easy but 99% of the time it takes time, dedication and hard work.

Self improvement and self education go hand-in-hand. Self improvement can not be achieved without self-education, that is, unless you already have the education you need to improve yourself and you’ve just been holding back. Some times it’s just a matter of motivation. You have most of the things you need to get on a path of self improvement, you just choose not to take the steps. Sometimes you can start out with baby steps and sometimes you can start out with leaps and bounds. Let’s look in to self assessment.

Self assessment is the first step to self improvement. Take a long, hard look at yourself and reflect. Take a look at the following aspects while reflecting on yourself and your life and write down how you can improve them.


  • Do I have a short temper or do I over-react and fly off the handle some time.
  • Am I too lenient? Do I let things slide too much, when I should do something?
  • Do I let the little things bother me?
  • Am I deserving of everything I get, or am I spoiled?
  • Should I be grateful and show the gratuity for the things I have and how can I show my appreciation?
  • Do I have self control?


  • Do I do the right things when I’m supposed to?
  • Do I have a tendency to take advantage of people?
  • Am I selfish or self-centered?


  • Am I healthy?
  • Do I eat right?
  • Do I drink too much?
  • How can I improve my health?
  • Am I physically strong and how can I get stronger?

Now these are only a few questions that you can ask yourself. Sometimes it’s good to ask people you know. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and tell them that you’re trying to improve yourself and that you would like some help identifying things that need improvement. Ask them to be totally honest, but don’t get upset if they say something you don’t like. Also, don’t be offended by it and start throwing negativity their way. They may see that you’re trying to improve and ask the same of you one day. Now that you have a list of potential things that you need to work on, it’s time to execute. It won’t always be easy, but it will feel good when you start to improve on your faults.

Self education is important for self improvement in many ways. Knowledge is power. Learning new things such as trades is always a plus. It’s also interesting to learn about things you had no idea about before. Some people are so afraid of change that they don’t attempt to learn the new ways to do things. They are so set in their ways that the new ways just seem way too complicated to them, no matter how easy it may seem to you and I. You know that old lady at the grocery store that pays for her groceries with a check and it takes more time than you’d like to wait? Exactly! Technology has made vast improvements to so many things in life, yet some people are too stubborn to learn how to use them.

Some people are content with sitting in front of their television all day, collecting their welfare check and just getting by through laziness. Those are the same people that made health care and insurances more expensive for the rest of us that have to work hard to be able to afford health insurance.  They sit there, lazy and lifeless. Collecting their check to go burn it on an unhealthy lifestyle that leads them to the hospital sooner or later. But it’s all good, because they will pay their medical bills through Medicaid and the people that are working hard and paying taxes will flip the bill, right? Seems unfair, doesn’t it? It’s ok, though. You work for what you have and that should make you feel better about yourself. Does that make you better than them? You’re damn right it does! You’re not perfect, but you’re better than they are. You’re constantly looking for a way to be a better person, while they are constantly looking for an easier way out. Work smarter, not harder…but keep working hard!

Sorry, I kind of went on a rant. Education doesn’t stop after high school or college. Doctors and lawyers are constantly learning new techniques, laws and procedures. If they don’t, then their profession might pass them by. They may become irrelevant to their cause and they will never be as good as they initially intended when they chose that profession. You have to do the same. Self improve, self educate. Know yourself and seek self improvement. Test yourself but know and learn your limitations. Push yourself or be left behind.

Image: Newscom

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